We are an official CASI Foreign Course Provider in Japan. This is our fourth season organizing CASI courses in Japan. All our CASI courses are exactly same as those given in Canada. Our evaluators are among the best from CASI (for example: Tech team member, Board member, Level 4 evaluator and also Evaluator of the year award).

Following is our course schedule for 2018-19 season:

CASI 1 Pre: Feb 12, Mar 15

CASI 1: Feb 13-15, Mar 16-18, Mar 26-28

Park 1 Pre: Mar 26

Park 1: Mar 27-28

CASI 2 Pre: Feb 25, Mar 20

CASI 2: Feb 25-Mar 01, Mar 21-24, Mar 29-Apr 01

CASI 3 Course Pre: Jan 26-27

CASI 3 Course: Mar 26-30

CASI 3 Exam Pre: Mar 30

CASI 3 Exam: Mar 31-Apr 01

If you have any question or inquiry about our CASI courses, please email us at info@onsnowtraining.com