We are CASI Foreign Course Provider in Hokkaido, Japan and nearby region. The reason our web page is in Chinese because we mainly target Chinese speaking instructor. The CASI course we run in Japan are exactly same as those in Canada. All our course conductors are selected from some of the top evaluators from CASI. If you want to register, please contact us by e-mail.

For 17/18 season, our course dates are as follow:

  1. CASI 1: Dec 9-11, Dec 12-14, Feb 6-8, Feb 9-11, Mar 10-12 (Niseko)

  2. CASI 2: Dec 16-19, Feb 13-16, Mar 13-16 (Niseko)

  3. Park 1: Mar 17-18 (Niseko)

  4. CASI 3 Course: Mar 10-14 (Niseko)

  5. CASI 3 Exam: Mar 15-16 (Niseko)

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us: info@onsnowtraining.com